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Minister's Activities

The Minister of Planning inspected Al-Salam Militia and combat security forces at Jurf Al-Sakhar Zone 


The Minister of Planning searched with a delegation from the province of Najaf the displaced file in the province


The Minister of Planning inspected the ground floor of the Abbasid shrine cleanser allotted for the reception of women and the establishment of Koranic courses 


The Minister of Planning visited the control center of the Abbasid shrine



The Minister of Planning chaired a committee to discuss the Ph.D thesis at the University of Babylon



The Minister of Planning visited the University of Babylon


National Development Plan 2013-2017

National Development Plan (2013-2017 five-year plan)

The idea of preparing a development plan and medium-term national plan was born out of the failures and problems faced by the preparation of the annual investment programs, particularly the difficulty of establishing a comprehensive development visions medium and long term, and prioritize projects and integration on the basis of the annual curriculum development. Since the plan is the outcome of concerted national action and integrating the efforts and input of all relevant ministries and stakeholders in the state and is the compass that guide the development of economic and social sectors.

The National Development Plan 2013 - 2017 has sought predecessor to adopt a participatory approach itself in the preparation of the plan and care to ensure the contribution of all actors in the process of preparing the plan and the most important of the involvement of ministries and departments not related to the Ministry and the Kurdistan region and the provinces and the private sector, academics and experts from international organizations in all stages of the preparation of the plan.

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the first annual book of the ministry of planning for 2011

Based on the directive of H. E. the Minister of Planning, Prof. Ali Yousef Shukri, the first annual book of the Ministry of Planning for 2011 was prepared, form a reference and documentary science reflects the facts and figures achievements of administrative and planning of statistical and quality control is a comprehensive record of the developments and achievements, based on his information on events and activities and reports official of the ministry formations, making it an important tool for the definition of the latest developments in the ministry.


Prof. Ali Youssef Abdel Nabi Al-Shukri

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Minister's Speech

The roof of the demands of home

Iraq live today from end to end an exceptional circumstance is the hardest in its history after independence. Today terrorist is the fiercest since not spared anyone came on the rights and construction, after some thought it immune to danger, and that the hand of Daaish (ISIS), where not the kit and the number and 

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