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Establishment Regulations

1) Renaming

The Iraq Ministry of Planning is hereby renamed the Ministry of Planning and Development Cooperation. All references in previous orders, regulations and memoranda, or Iraqi laws and regulations to the Ministry of Planning shall be deemed to refer to the Ministry of Planning and Development Cooperation.

2) Support

The CPA shall provide personnel support to the Ministry of Planning and Development Cooperation in consultation with the Minister, in order to reinforce and develop local Iraqi capacity at all levels. In addition, the CPA and the Minister shall seek technical assistance for the ministry from appropriate international sources.

3) Functions

The Ministry of Planning and Development Cooperation, consistent with the responsibilities of other Ministries, shall specifically set forth in this Regulation being under the overall guidance of the Board:


a.      Take such actions as it deems necessary to promote international assistance to Iraq, including liaising with existing and potential donors and following up on pledges of assistance.


b.      Develop transparent procedures for allocating international assistance to geographic and/or functional sectors in Iraq; make recommendations, with the concurrence of the Ministry of Finance, to the Board regarding specific programs and/or the allocation of international assistance among these sectors; and authorize the disbursement of assistance for specific programs, projects and activities, within sector allocations approved by the Board.


c.       With the concurrence of the Ministry of Finance, ensure that the recommendations presented to the Board reflect a single, comprehensive and integrated plan for matching all available revenues, regardless of source, against all known requirements in the manner that optimizes the use of those resources to meet Iraq's prioritized needs.


d.      Consistent with this Regulation, prescribe procedures for the Iraqi Ministries' performance of duties relating to international assistance to Iraq.


e.      Serve, together with the Board, to represent the people of Iraq in connection with trust funds administered by the United Nations and World Bank including reviewing and recommending for approval programs and projects to be financed by the Facility and participating in the Facility's Donor Committee and Coordinating Committee as may be agreed.


f.        Work closely with the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank of Iraq to ensure that assistance from the international financial institutions is allocated consistently with the national budget, and in a manner that supports the integration of capital improvements and operating requirements into a unified national budget as soon as practicable.

g.      Work closely with the CPA's Program Management Office to ensure that pre-existing bilateral commitments and the U.S. Government's apportionment and obligation of funds that the U. S. Congress appropriates for Iraq relief and reconstruction are taken into account in their recommendations to the Board.