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The Minister of Planning laid the foundation stone for ihabitant complex for poor in the Diwaniya province

Web News 11 February, 2014 

Compassion for the souls of the martyrs of Iraq

On this occasion, organized by the local government in Diwaniyah province to mark the location of the project was attended by the Minister and Governor, Dr Ammar Al-Madani, and the Deputy of the Minister of Planning, Dr. Mahdi Al-Alaq, and deputies and aides governor and members of the provincial council and the Executive General Manager of the Poverty Reduction Strategy, Ms. Najla Ali Murad, and a number of dignitaries and tribal.

The celebration began by reading the Fatiha in memory of the souls of the martyrs of Iraq. Then he gave the Minister of Planning, Prof. Ali Yusuf Shukri, gave speech in which he said “Celebrate this blessed day with the people of this province generous laid the foundation stone for one of the projects, poverty alleviation strategy in Iraq. When we say the Poverty Reduction Strategy, the province of Diwaniya is a poor standard of physical and rich by any standards, particularly the criterion by which the human features of this province. The province of Diwaniyah lack the resources wealth bestowed by God on some provinces also lacks border ports. This invites us to guide the efforts of the Ministry of Planning to cover this deficit through the support of conservative strategic projects and projects funded by international grants. Revealing the possibility of a third industrial city in Iraq, in this province, and if what has been written for this project is successful, it will help support the government and the administration of this city will provide significant employment opportunities may.

This project is the beginning of other projects

The Minister added: The Ministry of Planning has started to draft a strategy of poverty alleviation in a number of provinces the poorest in Iraq, Anbar, Thi Qar, Babel, Salahuddin, and today we stand in this province generous to lay the foundation stone for the residential complex, which will not be the end of the day but also marks the beginning of the projects that will work and the Ministry of Planning on implemented in this province. It will be the Ministry of Planning supportive of the efforts of the local government in the province and there will be more than a visit to the follow-up projects lagging, which became represent a heavy burden on the province and included not known citizen Why has not implemented all the responsibility certainly had to maintain that the project was a follower of the ministry. So there will be a sequential visits in which we toured on these projects are lagging as a means to speed up the implementation, there will be new projects in the framework of poverty alleviation strategy, both through the construction of schools, health centers and housing complexes. We will make every effort in the Ministry of Planning and its entire staff in order to support all the efforts and construction in this province.
The Ministry of Planning is the home of pride for the Iraqi people

As governor, Dr. Ammar Al-Madani, governor during the ceremony said that “The Ministry of Planning and the person of its minister and Advanced Level where she was one of the most important ministries, which most proud Iraqi citizen during the current period , which is the period of construction and other additional state”. He pointed out that the ministry has been able to draw a lot of projects and strategies and ease the burden on the citizen and provide development program to the provinces in general. It is true that there is a flaw in a lot of state facilities, but this flaw to the policy of the Ministry of Planning as much as it is due to some interventions that could haunt the distribution of resources. Diwaniya and one of the provinces that suffer from the flaw contained in these policies and bugs fed from the general budget and that it needs to review ongoing and re- consider because everything that can be provided by the Ministry of Planning of development policy cannot be for him to find an opportunity to apply what were not there sound fiscal policy. He pointed out that the ministry has been able to offer the provinces a lot of projects, particularly the provinces of the poorest, particularly the province of Diwaniyah , which was able to take advantage of more than one project he can relieve the burden on the citizen and relieves the burden in solving the problems of development and job creation in the forefront of these projects housing project within the program of poverty alleviation strategy. During the past two years 2012-2013 has been allocated about 32 billion dinars for the province of Diwaniyah within the program strategy has been allocated to each of the schools and the provision of job opportunities. The bulk of these customizations (26) billion dinars went to the construction of housing units for the poor has been referred to each of these projects recent two years. In the year 2014 has been allocated 45 billion dinars for the province of Diwaniyah and this would open new horizons and opportunities and the provision of services and solving the housing problem.

Industrial city of Diwaniya

He expressed confidence in the civil about the way in which it operates and the Ministry of Planning. The minister and national professional man, Diwaniyah all rest assured of its existence and Advanced Level in the ministry and we hope to be within the province of the poverty alleviation strategy is to look for a job and this is what concerns us is that the strategic projects in the province. Excellent news to be the industrial city third in Iraq in the province of Diwaniyah and be strategic projects big here in this province and this would raise the capacity of the province and the real development be planning and production workflow with the existence of such national figures will be for the province of Diwaniyah chance in this area, a city retains much of the personalities and competencies and human capacity capable of managing their own affairs.

Planning did not hesitate to declare poverty indicators

The Deputy of the Ministry of Planning, Dr. Mahdi Al-Alaq said: “I am honored on behalf of the Executive Committee of poverty alleviation policies in Iraq to bless the people of Diwaniyah this project on the road to poverty alleviation in Diwaniya and thus in Iraq. He explained. When we started to formulate this strategy in 2010 did not occur many that we will enter the details of the process to achieve the goal of reducing poverty foundation in Iraq. When the strategy was launched a poverty rate of 23 per cent and this means that a quarter of Iraq's population are below the poverty line and, frankly, we in the Ministry of Planning did not hesitate to launch this figure did not wait for the blessing of any party in order for the decision to not be politicized or influenced by certain trends.

Policy-making and follow up the implementation of plans

Al-Alaq added that for the past three years we have been working very hard around the Executive Committee in the Supreme Committee, chaired by state Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, Dr. Rose Nuri Shaways. At the forefront of its members Minister of Planning, we are moving to implement projects directly via the sectoral ministries , because the Ministry of Planning goal of policy-making and follow up the implementation of plans, but the disparity of achievement between the province and the other is connected seriously the local government to take advantage of the customizations that were deposited under the title ( Reduction Strategy poverty ) and therefore the governor pointed to the allocations earmarked for the province
The goal of the strategy is to empower the poor

Dr. Alaq expressed deep regret because all the measurements performed in the ministry both in the measurement of poverty, or measure of human development were located within the four provinces at the end of the ladder standard of living and development. We believe that the opening of such projects gives credibility not only of Strategy itself, but for those in charge of implementing the sectoral Ministries or local governments. He pointed out that the benefits of the strategy it is not confined to the issue of providing material support to the poor was not the final goal of the strategy but also dubbed since the start of empowerment. We do not want to give bonuses or assignments to benefit the poor, a month or two months, but we want to empower the poor therefore familiar with the details of the strategy to find that where (6) They represent the outcomes of sub- or secondary goals of providing work for the poor. Improve the level of education for the poor. Improve the health status of the poor. Achieve an environment suitable housing for the poor. Effective social protection for the poor and finally ease the differences between males and females. Therefore, we believe that the success of the strategy only proper planning , but the diagnosis exact reservoirs of poverty in Iraq and we have a big project in the Ministry of Planning is the mapping of poverty defines poverty gaps in Iraq is not on the county level but at the level of the judiciary. We have implemented a major survey is broader in the Arab region, including more than two million people within the (311) thousand family for months. Now we have a dialogue with the World Bank in order to achieve credibility and reliability of what it will emerge from the data in order to identify pockets of poverty and then we prepare a strategy from 2015 has actually we started to work on the preparation of this new strategy.

Adoption of strategic projects

In a press statement, the Minister pointed out that the Ministry of Planning has been the adoption of strategic projects that will improve the class the most disadvantaged in Iraq. Thus began the ministry in 2010, the development of the national strategy for poverty alleviation is build houses and low cost in poor areas as well as the building of schools, health centers and roads. We embarked on the implementation of these projects in more than one province, including Dhi Qar and Salah al-Din , Babylon and today degenerated backpacker in Diwaniya province to put the foundation stone for the construction of a residential complex class and poor will be the focus in the next phase to the provinces poorest and most disadvantaged and least resources the Foremost among these provinces the provinces of Diwaniyah and therefore, will not only support the implementation of the projects of the national strategy for poverty alleviation , but through the implementation of projects financed by other strategic investment budget. We talked with the governor to develop mechanisms for the implementation of these projects
Provide more than 40 000 degrees and careers
He Excellency that in the last year has given the UN Industrial Development Organization ( UNIDO) Iraq's cities, industrial zones in Basra and Najaf in 2014, and within the development plan , there will be an industrial city the other will be established in the province of Diwaniyah and will provide employment for not less than (40) thousand degrees Such project that reduces the contrast between oil-producing provinces and the provinces of disadvantaged and we will direct all projects , whether from international grants or investment projects of the province.
There are solutions for projects lagging

The Minister stated that about lagging projects “these projects began to pose a significant burden on the province. There are projects processed and we have to prepare a list of such projects listed since 2004 and until today did not exceed in some of which the completion rate in the top ten percent”. We believe that raising the cost failed to address this problem, but there will be decisive solutions for the completion of this problem.

The completion of the Australian hospital

In a related context, met Minister of Planning, Prof. Ali Yusuf Shukri, at the headquarters of the local government, Governor of Qadisiyah, Dr. Ammar Habib Al-Madani, and discussed with him a number of important issues relating to the inclusion and implementation of projects within the plan of the year 2014. The governor stated that the problem of the Australian hospital that is being implemented in the province has been resolved. At the same time, he praised the efforts and support of the Minister of conservative trends in the implementation of the Women's Hospital.

Implementation of Diwaniyah airport by a Kuwaiti company
It was also discussed during the meeting in the allocations of the province within the state budget for the year 2014 and find mechanisms and appropriate ways to compensate the province for the project petro dollars through the establishment of strategic projects, including the implementation of the airport project and an oil refinery and the establishment of the industrial city , especially since there is an area of land can be invested in the establishment of this City.

The Minister called on local government in the province to provide the facilities and conditions for foreign investors lured to invest in the province, which enjoys the stability of a senior security that would reflect positively on the reality of development. This meeting was attended by Undersecretary of the Ministry of Planning, Dr. Mahdi Al-Alaq, and a number of officials in the province.

A visit to the Directorate of Census Qadisiyah

On the other hand Excellency visited the Directorate of Census Diwaniyah province and look at the reality of work in the department, which has become an important weight represents in the province. The census director, Mr. Fadel Al-Ibrahimi, reviewed a lot of important details concerning the statistical work in the province, which has seen a clear evolution over the past years as a result of the strong support he is receiving, whether by the Minister or by the President of the Central Bureau of Statistics.


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